What I'm Doing

➡ Helping businesses grow at @PSDevelopment (and looking for more)➡ Publishing P.S. You Should Know for intellectually curious people➡ Investing in exceptional startup teams with @NamelessVentures

What I've Done

☑ Served as the first chief marketing officer at Nutrisense during scale-up from seed through Series A☑ Taught Entrepreneurship to MBA students at @KelloggSchool☑ Founded and ran @eComfort.com, a top internet retailer in the HVAC category. Acquired by @Ferguson-Enterprises in 2015.☑ Written some articles: Never trust a programmer who uses the word impossible, Dueling & Credit in the 19th Century, The Richest Man in the World, circa 1900☑ Built some fun things: Jobs in My Network, Illinois-Cannabis-Law.com, The InstaFan Button, The Texting Mirror

Organizations I'm Close To

Economic Club of Chicago (member)Common Threads (former board member)Entrepreneurs' Organization (former member)

Pavel Sokolovsky

My personal mission is to work on projects I find interesting alongside people who I like and respect.