What I'm Doing

➡ Serving as chief marketing officer at Nutrisense➡ Publishing P.S. You Should Know for intellectually curious people➡ Helping businesses grow at @PSDevCapital (and looking for more)➡ Investing in exceptional startup teams with @NamelessVentures

What I've Done

☑ Taught Entrepreneurship to MBA students at @KelloggSchool☑ Founded and ran @eComfort.com, a top internet retailer in the HVAC category. Acquired by @Ferguson-Enterprises in 2015.☑ Written some articles: Never trust a programmer who uses the word impossible, Dueling & Credit in the 19th Century, The Richest Man in the World, circa 1900☑ Built some fun things: Jobs in My Network, Illinois-Cannabis-Law.com, The InstaFan Button, The Texting Mirror

Organizations I'm Close To

Economic Club of ChicagoCommon ThreadsEntrepreneurs' Organization (former member)

Pavel Sokolovsky

My personal mission is to work on projects I find interesting alongside people who I like and respect.